April 09, 2017


You have to believe in everything you say, if you say you're going to win it then win it and fully trust your proclamations. Never doubt it for a second, make your belief stronger as the time goes by, make it stronger and stronger each day.

Even if what you say is impossible, even if you're talking about things that looks insane... still believe it because it will only become real if you feed it with faith, trust and actions.

A lot of people will say something but they don't truly believe it that is why they can't take actions, they doubt themselves, it is not that they are not capable of doing it. They just don't believe it 100 percent. They only look brave but once hard situations touched them... they crumble, they quit, they will stop or maybe they will take a different path, a path that is easier but not satisfying.

If you say something, believe it and commit with it, never leave it, never think about different things or choices, do it or with it, as simple as that. You have to stand for what you believe in and dedicate your life for its realization. Erase all the doubts, remove the hesitation, just focus on execution. Because it's the only way to do it, believe it and never leave your dreams, never be scared of failing, never be scared of what people might say.

If you really believe in everything you say, even if a lot of people are contradicting you... you will still succeed because you will never get tired of taking actions. People who never take actions but are just good in talking never believe in themselves for real, if they really believe it then they will do something about it, they will die for it.

How to believe in what you say;

• . Back it up with actions. Every action that you can think of to make your dreams come true.. do it, even if you are not sure with your actions... just do it.

•  Never argue with anyone about your ideas. If they told that you are crazy or your ideas are impossible... never listen to them, remember that it is your duty to believe in yourself and not with others. If you will listen to them then your belief in yourself will only diminished.

• Be consistent. Never stop, take actions everyday, the more you become consistent... the more your belief will be ingrained into your brain and it will become stronger and stronger to the point where nothing can crush it.

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