April 01, 2017


If you already doubled your effort and yet you are not satisfied with the results then it is time for you to triple the effort, it is time for you to work super hard. If you can double it then you can triple it, you can even quadrupled it if you like. You strength is unlimited, the amount of effort that you can put in cannot be measured, it has no boundaries.

If you are so familiar with working hard then nothing can faze you anymore, you will be dauntless and you feel that you can accomplish anything. So if you can double your effort then you can definitely triple it. The more you work and not care about the results, if you only care about your effort then you can work as much as you can.

So why not triple the effort? I am very sure you can produce a greater result than last time. The more you work hard, the more closer you are to your dreams so never regret working harder than yesterday. It will benefit you, you will grow a lot from it.

Tripling the effort is the only way if you don't want to think of another way. It is the most basic and the most efficient way. Success is already guaranteed once you triple your effort. Just relax while working hard and don't worry about anything else.

Most people thought that after working hard and not seeing results then it is time to give up. Don't copy their approach, every time you fail, your motivation must rise. You must strengthen your effort every time you fail. Never give up because only pussies do that. Continue to work hard and never stop giving your best until you succeed.

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