April 13, 2017


I truly believe in the path of least resistance because it is always working. But it literally doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything and you will get everything. It simply means, you need to find a path that you will enjoy more so that you can stay with that path for a very long time. If you enjoy a specific path, the hard will become easy and the easy will become effortless. The result is more results that you will get.

If what you are doing is too easy, you will wonder if it is working and that thought alone is a resistance. If you got too bored of your job because it is too easy... it is a resistance too, you don't want to do your job anymore because you feel like the time is really slow and you're not being challenged anymore. You feel like you're not growing, you feel powerless and dumb.

If what you're doing is too easy and you feel good then it is good for you, there is no resistance there especially if you feel like you're growing but if your job is too easy and you feel bad about it then you better do something else because there is a lot of resistance growing there.

Look at those people who have an easy job... they feel stupid, even if they were not doing anything... they even feel a lot of resistance.

The key here is to find what you really love, if you love what you are doing... even if the resistance is big... you will not feel it. You will enjoy any kind of resistance if you love what you're doing.

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