April 10, 2017


A lot of people said that they're going to resign from the company they are working in because of low pay, less benefits, unfair treatment blah blah blah. They are spreading the news everywhere, to their officemates, to their drink buddies, to their family but after ten years... they are still there.

If you heard someone that says he is going to resign for bullshit reasons, if his reason is his excuses and complaints then he will never do it. He just said it because he is angry, disappointed and he feel that he deserve something more.

If you are one of these people who keep telling that you are going to resign... then do it. Do it without conscience, don't tell it to people around you... man up and do it. Don't say it for the sake of making dramas and getting some sympathy from the people around you. Do it and don't be like others who were just good in talking.

Because if you will do it then you will be forced to find a better place that where your dreams are hidden. You will be forced to take actions and leave the people that is not treating you right.

If you said yesterday that you are going to resign then make a resignation paper now and pass it to your boss. If he ask you why then go ahead and negotiate your terms but if he didn't say anything... pack your bags, walk proud and pursue a different journey.

Because if you will not resign now then you will not resign forever, you will be satisfied of just talking and doing nothing, your mind will accept that it is ok not keeping your word.

Resign now and walk the talk!!!

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