April 10, 2017


People will call you stupid for repeating a process that is not giving you results, it is not giving you results for the moment but it will give you if you keep on using it. They say that you are insane because you are just repeating what you did yesterday and yet you are still expecting a different result. Okay, let them call you insane for a moment because they will eat their words once you forge some results.

A lot of successful people were once doubted before, the crowd is calling them crazy, a lot of people were laughing at them.. People say that their process is stupid, it is only stupid until it works.

Whatever process you have, keep processing it, keep doing it. Even if it looks stupid... trust me, it will work in the end. You will taste success by sticking into something that doesn't work before.

Because once you mastered that process and can easily play with it... you will become a different person, you will gain a knowledge that not all people have. You can add something to that process, you can develop it and refine it to its finest. You can tweak it, make it close to perfection, you can use it as a weapon. You can use it to bring yourself to the highest heights.

All process will work, it only depends on how fast can it show you the results that you are expecting. It can work tomorrow or next week or even next year. The most important thing is... it will work.

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