April 02, 2017


Hobby is one way to enjoy time and to relax. Hobbies can either make you grow or make you slow.

Some people pursue a certain hobby to stay away from pressure and forget the stress from work. Some people will do a hobby just for the sake of doing it because their friends or co-workers have influenced them, they are doing it even if they are not having fun, simply because they don't want to be left behind when their friends are having a discussion about a certain hobby.

Some hobbies will make you miserable, yeah it is really fun but only in the beginning. It is fun while you haven't see the consequences yet of that hobby. Hobbies like gambling will make you broke, it is fun, it will give you a lot of thrill but once you found yourself in a huge debt... it is not fun anymore.

Video game is another hobby that will make your life ugly. It will eat a lot of your time, it will make you fat because you are not moving, you are just sitting or lying on your couch while eating some pizzas and drinking sodas. And don't ever make an excuse that some people are earning through playing video games. It is true but in that case, playing video games is not their hobby, it is their career, it is their everyday living. They dedicated their lives through video games that is why they are so good and they can make some money.

The right way to choose a hobby is pick something that will make you grow, pick something that will make your life better. Pick something that will give you some benefits.

One good hobby is exercise. Any kind of exercise will do. Just a simple running, yoga, pilates, dancing or jogging will make you better. It will make you healthier, fitter and feel better. Another good thing about it is it is not expensive and very simple to do. Yeah, maybe it is a little bit boring but once you got use t it... you will have a lot of fun especially if you are seeing improvements in your body. It is a win-win situation for you, your stress will go away, you will enjoy moving and your body is improving. How good was that?

There are lots of hobbies that will make you grow, that will give you benefits. It is up to you what hobbies you want to engage your life with.

Another good hobby is establishing a business online, if you have a job then don't take it seriously. Just make it a hobby so you will not be stressed. Build your brand, build a small business that will make you earn pretty little cash. Never mind if you are not earning, just make it a game. It is better than playing a video game because not only there is a possibility that you will earn, you will also learn a lot of things, in other words... you are growing.

The right way for choosing a hobby is always pick a hobby that will not make you fat, broke or stressed. Choose something that is offering you growth, happiness and better position in life.

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