April 10, 2017


The only way to make success easy is to enjoy failing, as simple as that. If you can enjoy failing then you will never stop working, you will never get frustrated, your motivation will stay high.

It may sounds crazy but it is true. The more you enjoy failing the more you will keep moving. A lot of people can't try for a second or third time because they were so devastated after failing, failing made them weak, failing destroyed their confidence.

The truth is... who cares if you are failing a lot? people don't care how many times you failed. They only care about winners, so if you fail a thousand times and you win for the first time... All of those failures will be erased.

Keep on failing so you will not feel bad about it anymore, the more you experience failing... the more you will become immune to it, it will no longer affect you. You will focus more on taking actions and giving your best.

But of course, everytime you try you are still thinking about winning, you are still exerting your strongest effort. It's just that if you fail one more time... it can never make you feel bad anymore, it is like a normal day to you.

Once you fail, stand up right away and go back to work, never let it stop you, never let it slow you down.

Success will be very easy if you don't take failing seriously. Just laugh at it and be proud of yourself because you keep trying. You are not like many people who are quitters, you are one of a kind. Your determination is unparalleled.

Just enjoy the ride even if you are on a losing streak, there is nothing wrong with it. Any losing streak will end, you will also experience winning in just a matter of time. And once you're on a roll... your victory will multiply, you will become unstoppable because if failing can't stop you... what more if you're already winning?

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