April 15, 2017


The only skill you should master is HAVING TO FORCE YOURSELF TO MOVE EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. If you can move even if you are tired, even if you are scared, even if you have doubts in yourself then you can become very successful. A lot of people will only move if they are in the mood, their emotional immune system is so shaky. They want a perfect timing which will never come. That is why procrastination is so dominant nowadays, people give so much importance on how they feel, they were like spoiled brat little divas.

Don't worry if you feel so bad or if you feel so lazy. That feeling will change right away once you made a move. Your emotions will change if you are seeing a little progress to what you are doing. Your laziness will become worse if you will keep on postponing something. Your fear and doubts will become bigger if you will never do anything about your situation. You want something... go and get it, go and start moving.

Never think that you have a lot of time because that myth fails everyone. If you are not yet in a sense of urgency then you're in big trouble. This world is moving fast, the economy is moving fast, the competitive people are moving fast so if you are still ok with yourself for being slow... you better think again because the competition will eat you alive.

So think about the most important thing that is pending in your life.. do it, do it even if it feels uncomfortable, do it even if it feels like it's killing you, don't worry because you will feel alive in the end.

Come to think of it... you will only become happy, you will only have progress and satisfaction if you will move, you will only have a peace of mind once you move so why not do it? Do it even if it is scary, do it even if it feels so heavy... you will feel light in the end.

Master moving even if you don't feel it and you're already on your way of becoming successful. It is a very strong skill because action is all you need to reach the highest mountain, you don't need to get fancy, you don't need to get flashy.

It is not the smartest or the strongest who always win, it is the one who can move despite of experiencing a lot of negative feelings.

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