April 15, 2017


Problem is just an illusion, you created it, you think it is hard, you think you will die or get hurt if you face it. Your problems become real because you're not facing it and the consequences for not facing it becomes bigger and bigger until it scares you to death. You become totally scared, you think you will not be able to solve it that is why what you do is you numb your fears with alcohol, procrastination, drugs and any other activities that will make you forget your problems. But the only question is... did your problems go away? did it become smaller?

Anything that needs to be deal with... if you don't deal with it then that is the only time that it becomes a problem. A problem is only a challenge in the beginning, it only becomes a problem because you make it hard for yourself, you're so full of dramas and shits, you're so full of excuses that makes the situation even worse. What if you just face it? what do you think will be the result?

Face your problems now while it is not yet big, while it is not yet threatening you or scaring you. Face it while you still have the little courage to face it because if not now then when?

Because if you will not face it now... you might get crazy, you might lose your mind.

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