April 21, 2017


Never skip anything, never hide anything, don't be afraid of anything. Deal with anything that is in your life. Any problem you have... deal with it. Any mistake that you did...enjoy it and have fun with it. The idea here is to not make life perfect but to enjoy it even if it is ugly and imperfect. Because anything that is not nice that is happening to your life is still part of your life, it is still part of who you are, you cannot delete it, it is already there, you can forget it but it is better if you will just appreciate it even if it is hard.

You can become happy anytime you want, most of you didn't know it because you are so consumed by what is happening around. Happiness is just a mental state, it is not about money, fame, big houses, appreciation from other people or any external things. Happiness is is very easy to achieve if you are willing to accept it and make things simpler than it was.


Just accept it, accept that it is part of your life. If you are getting embarrassed, if you are being humiliated, if you are failing, if you are losing, if you are crying... Accept it all. Accepting it will make your life easier, accept that it's all part of the book of your life. Every chapter is important, every chapter means something.

Because if you will not accept it then things will become more difficult, you will have a hard time adjusting, you will become worried, crazy and you will entertain a lot of negative stuffs in your life. Just enjoy every second of your life and try to make it a masterpiece. Enjoy breathing, enjoy moving, enjoy suffering.


It is still up to you if you want to feel good or bad, it is up to you if you will worry or move. Making a little bit of movement will give you joy, it will make you forget that you have a problem so the best thing to do is just take actions even if it is not making a big impact to your life. You can choose how you feel, it depends on your perception. If you think that everything happens for a reason then you can move on so fast and forget everything bad that happens to you. If you think that you are being cursed and you have a bad luck and life is unfair then you will stay with that ugly grid even more.


1. Think about the better things that might happen if you think positively. Just always think that life is a roller coaster, you maybe down now but you can go to the top tomorrow, you can always improve your life and make it more meaningful. Remember that life is not permanent, you maybe sad now but you can always become happy tomorrow. Your emotions will change if you will think positively and do the right thing.

2. Remember that life is so fast and short. It is a stupid thing to worry about life and dwell on the bad things that are happening because you can always choose to think positively and be happy about you life. Life is so short, if you will not use it to become happy then you are just wasting it. Don't ever think that you have a lot of time because by doing that... you will begin to become lazy and take every second of your life for granted, you will become more irritable, hot headed, impatient and rushing in life.

3. Always feel blessed. Just breathing freely without feeling anything bad is a blessing, just being able to walk, talk and live life is a true happiness. Yet a lot of people can't appreciate it, they were looking for some other things. They don't know that happiness comes from the simplest things like laughing, joking time with family and friends, pursuing a goal, being creative etc. A lot of people are blessed, it is sad to think that they don't know it.

4. Never look at your situation, look at your feelings. Why are you feeling bad? why are you being rattled on small things that won't even kill you? why are you being affected by people that doesn't matter to your life? look at your feelings and study how you feel. You will be able to see that you can still feel good if you will kill your ego, you can always feel better if you are not rushing and looking at other people's lives. Just look at your life, take care of your own business and emotions. Learn how to control your ego, learn how to stay relaxed and you will be able to experience life even more.

5. Life is just a game. It is how you play it, it is how you look at your life and choose the best steps that will make your position even better. Life is not a race, it is a game. The game of life should be played very well, you should play it to give you true happiness not temporary happiness. You design your life, you play it, you tweak it. You can do anything if you will only do the right steps. Life is to be enjoyed and not to be cursed. Play your life very well, play it while you still have it.


Forget hating, forget your ego, forget that you've been treated unfair and that you deserve more. You will get what is for you if you are patient enough to work for it and wait for it. Acceptance is very easy, just accept everything that is happening and let go. Remember that you can't carry anything with you once you're dead, remember that none of these things matters. All you need to do is be happy with your life while you're still alive.

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