April 04, 2017


If your goal is to simply express yourself, express your ideas, goals and ambitions and not to impress people then you will become successful. Because if you will always try to impress people then you will never become your true self, you will try to please them, all of your actions will be based on their expectations which is a very bad thing. You will never become happy with your life and in anything that you do.

If you will just express yourself and simply give your best then you are free, you will enjoy the ride, there will be least resistance and you will never feel bad even if you fail. Because it is better to fail within your rules than to fail by the rules of others.

Impressing people will make you fake, you will be lost, you will never know who you really are. You will be commanded, all of your actions will be guarded and you will feel really suffocated. Your happiness is based on their approval, you will lose your spontaneity and authenticity.

If you are focused on expressing yourself and following your true feelings then you already succeeded, the heart can never go wrong. How you feel towards something is your guide. If you feel happy doing your own thing then that is true success.

A lot of people tasted a little success by the rules of other people but they ended up being miserable and unhappy because they cannot even decide on their own, they were forced to take actions and decisions that was not truly what their heart feels.

Whatever you have in mind, if you think you will be happy by pursuing it... go! Never hold yourself back and feel guilty if you didn't follow other people.

You can create your own journey, you can build your own path, it is up to you if you will impress people or express yourself.

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