April 27, 2017


There are lot of talented people out there who never made it, they never become successful because they quit, they have the talents, they have the looks and gifts but they can't do anything about it. They quit because they are lacking something... and that is determination. They can't stick with the process long enough until they become successful. They were cry babies, they were divas, they think that they were already a star even if they were not yet one.

They don't know the real meaning of "many". They thought that they already tried many times, they thought that what they did is enough to make them successful. The real meaning of many is infinite. You have to try as many as you can, for as long as you can to become successful. If you need to try forever then do it. Many means massive, many means uncountable. You have to fail many times, try many times, work hard many times in order to achieve what are you trying to achieve.

Talent is not enough, if you think that you're already talented and you don't need to work hard anymore then that is the beginning of your falter. Never rely on talents alone because talent is always fading. It may be true that you are talented now, but if you don't nurture that talent and make it grow then your talent will be gone in just a matter of time, it will leave your body.


Hardwork can create talents but talent is not sure if it is willing to work hard. Hardwork is hard that is why talented people doesn't want to do it. They feel like they have everything in the world to win only to find out that they are missing something. A lot of successful people admits that they are lacking talent that is why they work super hard to become successful. Their work ethic has fill up the talent that they are missing. A lot of talented people has failed because they were so arrogant and over confident. So if you have to choose between the two, always choose hardwork because it can give you everything. Talent can only give you promise, hardwork can give you success.

And even if you really have a talent, don't get caught with your own hype because it will make you lazy and underachieving. You will think that you can win anytime you want but that belief will be the number one reason of your failure.

So if you want to be sure that you will become successful... work like a bad ass hungry wolf that is ready to kill and die for you dreams. Work like hell and expect to live in hell because of working so hard. Hell is temporary, you will experience heaven once you succeed.

Never be afraid to work hard because once you begin to install it in your system and you are so comfortable in working hard everyday... everything will be easy for you. You will never be afraid of any challenge in life, you can achieve anything, you can finish anything, it's easy as 1,2,3.

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