April 16, 2017


Successful people were once lazy too, they were bums too and are not doing anything good in their lives. It just happens that they wake up and they feel the sense of urgency before its too late. They manage to change their life by committing into something and making it work no matter what. They were lazy too like you before so don't feel bad and hopeless if you feel so lazy now. You can still change but you have to decide now if you will make a change or not. Because if you will still believe on the word tomorrow... you will use it forever, you will never make it. You will be the same bum 20 years ago, what a sad story.

Successful people were once lazy too, it means they were not perfect so don't be hard on yourself if you're not doing fine today. Don't feel bad if your situation is not perfect because everyone has his own ugly past. Just because you're broke and lazy today doesn't mean you're not going to make it in the future. All you have to do is start now and become unstoppable, never rest, never take a break, take consistent actions and be closer to your dreams little by little.

Don't get overwhelmed and think that successful people were perfect and they started perfect. They too have a rough start, they too doesn't know what to do before. They were in the same situation as you were before, you're not the only one who is in the bad spot. They too were once in a bad spot, confused and wondering what to do with their lives. They were suffering, always lost and doesn't have the motivation to change their lives but they did it, why? They come to the point where they were so sick and tired of getting the same result over and over again, they were so sick and tired of not achieving anything.


Just dare to dream, dare to take actions and make a non stop commitment of pursuing your dream no matter what. Whatever it takes, do it. Whatever process you need to invent... do it. Taking actions is painful especially if you are lazy but not taking actions is more painful, it will make you crazy, it is like killing yourself little by little. You feel like there is a big stone trapped in your chest and that stone gets bigger and bigger each day you procrastinate and take every second for granted.

Everyone is not perfect.

You don't need to be perfect to start. You just need to have a changed mind, a mind that will never give up no matter what, a mind that is willing to take numerous hits and keep going even if everything is not going on your way. Everyone has a rough start, nobody become successful right in the beginning. You need to know that it is really difficult and that's just the part of it. If it is not difficult then it is not worth it.


A lot of people can't change because they can't admit the fact that they are not lazy. They keep on telling everyone that they work super hard but the truth is... they are just bumming around. Admit to yourself that you are not doing good in life and that you need to change right away. Change will only happen through self acceptance. You need to know what needs to change in your life to make the change happen. Once you locate the change that needs to be done, make the change little by little, take it one step at a time. Don't wish for change to happen fast because you will only become frustrated once you see that the process is very slow. You need to have a lot of patience and enough determination to make the change happen truly.


1. Deal with the problem. Never try to escape any problem that you have, a problem can be a simple task that you repeatedly postponed. Deal with it even if it feels uncomfortable, deal with it even if you feel like puking for taking actions. You just thought that it is hard because you're not taking actions but once you started... then it's game over, you already conquered laziness, everything will be easy and smooth.

2. Don't look for instant rewards. A lot of people doesn't want to move because they want rewards in exchange for their actions. They want instant money, instant success, instant everything. They want an assurance that they will get paid for the little actions that they did. Never look for instant rewards because it will come naturally if you really deserve it. Looking for instant rewards means you don't love what you're doing, this kind of style will give you poor results.

3. Take it slow. You want to finish fast that is why you keep on getting lazier and lazier, you got too much overwhelmed once you see that the project is too long and you can't finish it in just one day or a matter of minutes. Be ok in moving slow, detail by detail... do it. Don't rush nor look for an easy way out. Because the tendency is... if you will take shortcuts then you will only repeat your whole work in the end because you will commit a lot of mistakes. Take it slowly and learn how to enjoy every action that you take.

4. Shut down what amuse you at the moment. May it be a television, video game, favorite show, social media... close all of them. You are becoming lazier and lazier because there is something useless activity that is eating your time. You must be aware that your time is flying and you haven't take the first step yet. Close everything that amuses you and go back to your work. You can have fun later once you finish the most important task that is waiting. It is more fun to have fun if you know that you already completed the most important tasks in your life.

5. Warm up if you needed. If you need to exercise then just simply do a few stretching exercises to shaken out the laziness. If you need to study then just simply open your notebook and read a few lines in your lessons. If you need to work on your project then just simply do the easiest steps. You don't need to jump in right away and be in a full force for taking actions. Do some warm ups so you can feel what you need to do.

6. Put a one minute hour glass in your table. It serves as a reminder that you should start right away once there is no more sand that is going down. It serves as a time limit for your laziness. Once all the sand goes down.. .start right away and never stop.

7. Slap your face. Sometimes you need to feel a little pain to make yourself move and put your mind in the proper direction. slap your own face and feel the pain for not moving. This will wake up your blood, you will feel alive and more alert.

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