April 11, 2017


Being successful, being rich, being great is a flow. It is a series of flow, it is a series of small things coming to your life, it is not a one nigh jackpot, it is not a one day big time where you get everything you wish for and you live happily ever after.

A lot of people were always rushing, they will join the lottery jackpot and hope that their numbers will be called. A lot of them died without getting anything, a lot of them died with hopes of becoming rich one day. It is because they just wait, they don't do anything to make their life successful. They accept their fate, they don't even fight for what they want.

Some people will work hard for a couple of months and ask for a big pay, they will look for bigger results. And if they can't see it, they will quit, they will do some other things. But they can't still become successful because their approach never changes. They still look for a one day big time that never comes.

You have to flow with success if you want to experience it, you have to flow like a river, flowing everyday even if it rain or shine. You have to flow even if you don't know where to go. Just do something that will make you successful, just do something that will make you closer to success and that's it.

It is not a one night stand type of thing. Once you become successful you still have to flow, you can't stop because success will leave you if you stop. It is a forever flow, that is why you need to find a work that you will love doing everyday, something that you will never get tired of.

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