April 11, 2017


Stopping is the stupidest thing that you could ever do in your life. What will you get by stopping? what will you get by resting for so long? what will you get for quitting? NOTHING right?

If you stop then your whole world stop. You can stop dreaming but don't ever stop doing. You may not think about your dreams but if you're still moving then your dreams are still alive, it means you are still living for it.

Stopping is nonsense, it will make you rusty, it will make you weak, it will make you forget what you learned, it will make your muscles weak, it make your brain slow. There is no benefit that you will get for stopping. It is like dying, it is like burying yourself on the ground. It is like throwing your life in hell and ignoring all the angels that can save you.

I know you're tired, I know it is difficult but what else can you do? are you going to quit and find something else to do? let me remind you again, once you start doing something new... you will also experience a lot of adversity, it is like going back to the drawing board and making yourself look like a toddler again that was lost in a park full of squatters. You will look like a clown that can't even put a make up on his face. You will experience the same problems so my advise is... don't stop, keep moving until you get it. It's not over until you win.

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