April 29, 2017


Sometimes you don't know that you are doing something useless, you are doing something that is irrelevant to success and for the betterment of your life. You are doing something that is ruining you but you are having so much fun with it.

You are engaging in a battle that will not even make your life better. You are just wasting your time arguing with people who will just make you feel bad. What is the point of doing that? are you going to get some money? are you going to become popular? 

What is the point of proving your point if you will just hurt somebody? if you will just find an enemy? If the argument is useless then stay away from it. Just shut your mouth and walk away, just do your thing, focus on your goals and you will forget that you feel bad for a moment. People who engage in a useless arguments are people who have no goals, they are the ones who are lost and doesn't even know what to do with their lives that is why they were so focused on ruining other people's lives.

You easily get affected by a facebook comment. You are arguing with someone who doesn't even know you about who is the greatest player in the NBA. The comment threads become very long and other people were joining your useless conversation. What is the point of doing it? what is the point of protecting your idol who will not even give you a penny, he doesn't care about your heroic acts so move one. You will only feel bad, your day will be ruined, you will have an enemy... it is stupid right?

If someone disrespects you in your perspective, learn to let it go.
Sometimes other people will accidentally disrespect you, you must be ok with it. Sometimes it is not their intention to disrespect you. fighting with them will only eat a lot of your time. You will be in big trouble. The good thing to do is just ignore them, it is not that you can't protect yourself, it's just that petty things doesn't bother you anymore. Learn to forget easily and focus more on positive things, that is how to live life, that is how to live a better life. Because if you will fight with them, there are difficult consequences that might happen. The worst is ending up in jail or hurting each other that will make the problem even bigger, look at the worst case scenario so you will avoid arguing with people that doesn't even matter.

Small things should not hurt you, learn to let it go so you will become more successful faster. You are slowing down because you care too much about other people that you think has disrespect you from the past or even in the present moment. Those people are irrelevant to your dreams and happiness so you should not focus on them.

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