April 11, 2017


A lot of people will not give their best anymore once they learned that their campaign is over. They will not give their 100 percent anymore once they know that what they are doing will not continue anymore.

In an NBA game most players will rest especially the star players once they were eliminated for the playoffs. I can't get it because what is the purpose of being a player if you will not play? they were so afraid of being injured so they will not play on a non bearing game. The truth is.. being injured is not choosing anytime, you can even become injured even if you're off the court.

It only becomes risk if you think that it is risky, it only becomes useless if you think that it's useless.

You should have the mentality of giving your best every single night because if you can't give it now, if you will not participate now... how can you give your best tomorrow.

If you have the habit of giving your best every single night then you can bring your A game anytime you want. It is like an automatic for you. You don't think about it, you don't doubt yourself if you can do it... you just bring it.

So if you already lost in something... still give your best because you will bring that habit to the next campaign or journey that you will do.

People may say that you're over acting or you're trying to be a hero for nothing but what they don't know is that you are just building a habit of always giving your best even if you already lost. Because if you have that habit... you can always give your best in times when you needed it the most.

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