April 14, 2017


So what if your skills, properties, talents, education, achievements are all mediocre? there is nothing wrong with it. What matters is you are still trying to improve everyday, you are consistent and you are on your way to greatness.

Mediocre is a very underrated word, if you pair it with consistency then it is already greatness. Because you're already on your way. Repeat a mediocre product over and over again and it will turn into greatness, it will turn into excellence. Everything starts ugly, everything starts as mediocre.

A lot of people were talking about greatness but they can't even start the process. They love a great work, they love a great talent. They will humiliate a mediocre work but they themselves cannot even produce something mediocre.

So be proud if you're just on a mediocre level because there is nothing wrong with that. Just keep working hard and do your thing because you will reach greatness one day. Never compare yourself or work with others because it will only make you feel bad once you see that what they have is better than yours.

The most important thing here is you are working and you are moving consistently. Other people have reach the greatness status but they stop working so they go back on the mediocre level.

Accept mediocrity and try to push a little bit each day. Always try to improve because it is the only way to greatness.

Never mind if people call you mediocre because you have a game plan. And that game plan is to produce mediocre work everyday until you become great.

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