April 10, 2017


Any result will contribute to your big goal. So if you're only getting small results right now... don't worry about it, be thankful for it because it will add something to your big goal in the end.

Most people were not appreciative of what they are getting, they are not proud of their small accomplishments that is why they can't level up, that is why their lives can't change. Especially if money is being brought up to the conversation. If they can't see money to what they're doing... they will become frustrated, they will stop and will take a different route. They don't believe in the power of perseverance. If you will keep persevering to what you're doing then you will start winning, it's a basic rule that everyone must know.

Stop looking for big results, just focus on small results and small results everyday. You will figure it out in just a matter of time how to produce bigger results. Small results will become bigger and bigger each day so appreciate it and keep getting it.

If you can just run for a few minutes today and sweat a little bit... appreciate it, never think that it is not enough. Even if you don't lost a few pounds... it is still a result because you move. Any movement is already considered as a result because it gives you momentum and progress, it keeps you on the right track.

If you can just earn a couple of bucks today then be happy about it. Even if you're dreaming a lot of money and you are so far to your goal... appreciate what you produce today because it will contribute to your big goal. It is better to have something than to have nothing, it is better to be moving than to keep procrastinating. Just keep getting small results each day... it will make you one step closer to the big picture that you have in your mind.

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