April 11, 2017


Willpower is not all about pushing and grinding and showing people that you are strong and powerful. It is not about showing to everyone that you can break anything through your willpower. It is not about looking like a savage and making yourself look like suffering, bleeding just to look tough as nails. Willpower has also something to do with patience, endurance and commitment. It is about looking alright even if you feel discomfort in your body, it is about not freaking out when you are so stressed and you want something to happen.

1. Waiting for the ice to melt in your juice. If you are really thirsty or you really need to drink, here is what you need to do to test your willpower... wait for the ice to melt in your juice or at least wait for the ice to make the juice cold. It is simple but hard especially if your juice is delicious. This situation will test your will power, if you were able to pass it... your will power has somehow strengthen a little bit.

2. Patiently waiting and being happy standing in a very long line. Stand in a long grocery line, standing in a long taxi line, standing in a long sale items line. Any line that has a long line... stand in there, this will test your willpower again. A lot of people will stop waiting, they have zero will power, don't be like them, they are weak and they cannot get what they want because they cannot beat the boredom.

3. Not eating the favorite part in your dish. Not eating the chicken wings even if it is your favorite, not eating the cherry on top of the cake, not eating the jelly on your PBJ sandwich. Anything that seduces your appetite... don't eat it. This is will strengthen your willpower because the pleasure is there... but you managed to ignore it.

If you can strengthen your willpower then for sure you will succeed in anything that you do. you will never have a hard time cutting your weight, passing a hard exam, reviewing a very hard lesson and getting an impossible goal.

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