April 04, 2017


Always seek for action not comfort because getting addicted with comfort will make you a bum, it will make you a lazy underachieving individual.

If you are always seeking for action, if you are seeking for progress then your life will become comfortable in the future. You will be use to working hard and any adversity will not make you bend. You will just do what is necessary and that is a very strong skill, it is a very strong trait to make you reach the top and be on top forever.

A lot of people seeks comfort that is why their life become very uncomfortable in the end. They don't know what to do, they don't know where to start. That is what wanting a comfortable situation does... it will make you very weak and incapable of producing results.

Always seek for action so you will never see any problems, you will be entertained by your movements. You will no longer think about failing, you will never think about suffering. You will have a lot of fun moving, you will be in a trance that will produce a lot of results in the end.

Seeking for action will make you see the best opportunities in life, unlike seeking for comfort... all it does is make you stuck, heavy and hot headed. People who seeks comfort freaks out once they can't see it, they become crazy, they want to kill themselves... they were so funny.

Seeking for action will make you a better person, it will give you the life that you are dreaming of, it will give you everything you need, you will always be guided, you will never be lost.

If you are seeking for comfort it means you don't want to work, it means you want to have an easy life but having that kind of mentality will make you a failure. It will make you dependent and useless.

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