April 29, 2017


What is your role in life? on which side are you? are you running the show or just watching the show? Be honest, you can't be running the show and at the same time watching the show, you can only pick one side.

Are you satisfied watching other people make it in life? are you happy watching their growth, praising them but deep inside you are jealous? are you satisfied with just being a follower or sometimes do you also wanted to be a leader?

It is your choice, always your choice. There is nothing wrong with just watching the show but if sometimes you feel like you deserve more and you also want to be someone that people talk about then it is time for you to make a change in your life.

If you are just making comments on you tube or facebook then you're simply watching the show. You have no right to make nasty comments because no matter how hard you try to prove to everyone that you're better than the person performing... you can't change the fact that you're just a spectator. Where is your idea? where is your skill? have you upload any content? have you created some great products? If all you can do is criticize then you will never go anywhere, you will be the same person sitting on your computer 10 years from now.

There are 2 kinds of person in this world the one who runs the show or the stars and the one who is just watching the show or the spectators.

If you find yourself always watching other people's works, life and ideas then you're just watching their show. You're a spectator, it is either you're openly admiring or secretly hating. It is what it is, even if you don't admit it... you're a spectator, the sad thing is... you watch a lot of their activities but nobody is giving you a credit.

Most successful people are running the show, they don't care about other people, all they care about is their own show and how to make it successful. They are their own boss, they never follow orders and they have big confidence in themselves that they are going to succeed which is likely to happen. Those who run the show run their own life, nobody can give them orders. Usually these people are businessmen, entrepreneurs, leaders, rebels, stars. Sometimes when they became so big, they don't even run the show... they are the show.

Those who just watch the show are the people who are so sick and tired of their life. They were completely lost. They will watch other people's activities and will give ugly comments once they get offended or they didn't like it. They think they were better than the ones who are running the show but they cannot even execute their own idea, sometimes they don't even have any idea. They were failures and always waiting for a new show, they were in a rat race, they can't escape it because they were so addicted to watching other people's lives.

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