April 09, 2017


If you're not expecting that you will be able to get it right away then you will stay motivated and hungry to take actions and at least produce some little results. Expecting that you will become big and successful fast will only make you unmotivated once you see that you are not winning. You will stop evolving, you will stop growing. You will compare yourself to other people who were making it and it will make you feel bad and disappointed.

The best thing to do is remove all of your expectations. Don't expect to win, don't expect to succeed, don't expect to become rich. Just do your best and never stop taking actions. That's it, problem solved, you're already successful.

Expecting something will only make you slow, it will make you a drama queen, it will make you complain if you are not getting any small amount of success. You will make a lot of excuses, you will feel that you are entitled of getting something even if your efforts were not enough. You will always check if you are making progress and that is the number on cause of your slowness.

Remove all of your expectations and just focus on taking actions. It doesn't matter if you are making improvements or not, what matter is you are taking it step by step and you are committed to taking actions.

Never expect that everything will be perfect because it never will be. Accept that it is going to be hard, accept that you will have to take a million steps in order to get there.

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