April 27, 2017


Producing big numbers will also attract big numbers. If your desired numbers is not showing up to you then it is time to produce some numbers and see if other numbers will be attracted.

If you are expecting 10,000 dollars a month and it is not coming to you then you should produce your own numbers and see if that 10,000 dollars a month will come to you. Produce some items that you can sell, produce a lot of it and sell it, wait if that 10,000 dollars will be attracted to you. Let's say you are selling cakes, then produce large numbers of cakes in one month and wait for that desired money to come to you, as simple as that.

If you are working for just 40 hours a week then why not work for 70 hours a week? and see if what results can you get. I think your chances of earning 10,000 dollars a month will become bigger if you will work for 70 hours a week. It is all about increasing the numbers that you can produce and wait for the desired numbers to get attracted to you.

Because if you keep on wishing for your desired numbers to come... it will not come, you must do something differently, you must produce what you haven't produced before so you will have better chances of winning.

It is all about doubling or tripling your effort, it is the best thing to do. You want a different result? come and get it by increasing your own numbers, as simple as that. Your workload may get bigger but your chances of winning gets bigger too. You may get even tireder, you may get over fatigued but it is what it is. You have to be competitive if you want to become successful. You can't be producing an old number over and over again and expecting a different result, you are only wasting your time by doing that.

In anything you do, may it be push ups, practicing shooting, practicing dancing etc.... you must increase your numbers to forge a different outcome. It is a little bit hard but very simple. You don't need to look for other solutions, it is only about going an extra mile.

Instead of thinking about shortcuts and how to become successful fast... why not produce your own numbers... a number that is undeniable, a number that will shock the world so your success can be guaranteed. Don't look for your work to become shorter, try to make it longer, try to increase your value so that you gain a lot of attraction.

Keep in mind that big numbers also attracts big numbers so if you are attracting short numbers it means your effort is not enough, it means your effort is too weak and you need to make a certain adjustments if you want to see a bigger result.

It is very simple, just break your record yesterday, break it little by little until your numbers becomes bigger and bigger.

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