April 05, 2017


A lot of people nowadays were so in love with shitty products, people and ideas. They love an addict singer, they love a rude actor, they love foods that will make them fat, they love products that are just wasting their money. Basically, they love to waste their energy for things that will only destroy them.

So if you have a mediocre product that has a good intention for helping people or making their lives a little bit better... promote it, promote it even if it is corny or people will laugh at you. They are even buying shitty products and supporting bad people so you have the right to promote your product even if it is not popular or it is ridiculous.

You have the right to sell, right to express and right to dream even if your idea is not what they want. Some people will still patronize your product. You have the right to become successful with your own idea, some people who have bad intentions are even successful by just looking like a bum, some people with no purpose of helping others are making it in life so it only means you can become successful too.

If shitty products sells, it only means your product can make a sell too.

Example of products that sells well even if it is destructive:

1. Soda - Gives you diabetes, make you obese.
2. Brutal songs - people love it especially songs with expletive content.
3. Exercise machines -  will fool you and tell you that you can become fit in just a month for just using it for only 5 minutes a day. Sounds like a fraud but you still buy it.
4. Junk foods - delicious but will give you a lot of disease.
5. Insurance - you're not insured because most of insurance companies are closing without notifying you.

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