April 10, 2017


You're drinking beer for what? your partying for what? did you earn big money? did you get a college degree? did you get promoted or something?

You are celebrating for nothing, you didn't even pay your electric bills yet you're acting like you've won a lottery. That is why you're broke, that is why you can't do anything good in your life, that is why you're the same bum 10 years a go. You celebrate a lot and rub elbows with the same people as you, you're acting like you're a big time even if you only have 10 bucks in your wallet.

Cut too much celebration and celebrate only if you've done something great in your life. This will make you motivated, this will make you hungry. Deprive yourself from celebration and make a commitment that you will only party or drink beers once you achieved something.

It is hard to do especially if you're a party animal, but all the party animals are failures. The people who party more than twice a week are people who are broke, depressed and has a falling career. They are numbing themselves from alcohol and getting drunk so they can forget their problems. Even if they don't admit it... it is true. Have you seen a millionaire or a successful person who party everyday? did you see Bill Gates or Elon Musk in a stupid bar digging some chicks?

Celebration is not bad, it only becomes bad if you make it a habit. Make celebration as a celebratory, don't attached it with your daily living if you want to become successful in life.

Cons of celebrating too much:

• You will become lazy, you will not become productive because you're always drunk. You always have a hangover in the morning, it makes you weak and slow. You will miss a lot of your commitments, you will even lose your job.

• Your happiness will be based on celebration. If you can't party then you can't be happy, you are relying too much on heavy partying just to feel good about yourself.

• You will become an alcoholic. It is impossible that you will not drink any alcohol if you are partying. Alcohol is very addictive, it can control your life if you allow it.

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