April 13, 2017


Yesterday you said you're going to say sorry to your mom, ask for forgiveness and will change your life, but what happened? where are you? what are you doing. You're still the same bumshit as yesterday. You talk about what are you going to do but when the execution time is there... you're hiding like a turtle on his shell, you're too slow, you're making a lot of excuses. Excuses will derail the progress. Stop talking about your aching tooth, headache or stomach and start moving your hands, feet and let your mind operate at its fullest.

Don't talk about what you're going to do unless you already did it. 98 percent of the people in the world will talk about their goals and mission but when execution time is there... they can't even move, they are hiding, they are scared for unknown reasons. If your're really brave then you should make a stand to pursue what you really want and do the walking instead of the talking.

Talking is just a waste of energy, it is a momentum buster. It will never bring you to a different place. So stop talking about what you're going to do because most of the time you will never do it.

Why talking will prevent you from taking actions:

• Because you're already satisfied in talking, you will feel that you already accomplished something. You feel that you already impressed people and for you that is enough.

• Sometimes you will feel guilty because you really can't do what you talk about. This will result to endless procrastination that leads to zero results.

• When people don't like what you just said and criticize you... you will feel unmotivated, you will start to believe them and stop taking actions. You will not even start.

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