April 05, 2017


Once you discover the style that you want, once you become comfortable with you own style and fully trust it... you will become unstoppable.

Yeah, maybe the already knew what you are going to do, maybe you're not unpredictable anymore but once you mastered your own style and truly believe in it... you will be able to control them. You can force them to play your game. They will adjust according to your movements, you will be able to dictate the tempo and make them submit to your game plan.

You will have your own rhythm and timing, they will have no choice but to follow you. You will look very confident and sure of what you are doing, you will become the master and everyone is just a follower.

This applies to any field or game. It can be about business, arts, sports, showbiz industry, etc. If you know your own style and you truly love it... they will notice you, they will give you a lot of attention and special treatment. It is because they will appreciate your uniqueness and effectiveness, they will trust your skills and ideas.

The key here is to become truly confident with your style and never mix it with any other styles. Master your own style and use it everyday, use it and be proud of it.

Never copy someone's style because you will just look like a second best trying hard copy cat.

You will discover your own style if you keep working hard and keep practicing everyday, you will discover your true potential. You will know why are you different from others.

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