April 14, 2017


If you are delaying something... it will never happen, ever. You think that not doing it because you don't feel it works huh? sometimes you need to do something even if you don't feel like doing it because it maybe the only chance for doing it. You may not get any chance next time, there will be no more next time.

How many times your dad promise you that he will bring you to disneyland, but did that shit ever happened? it is not because he don't have enough money, it is not because he is too busy. It's simply because he believe in the word next time. It is better not to promise and just do it if you have a chance so the opportunity will not escape. It is better to do it even if you have doubts because at least you have the initiative to try.

It will only happen if you will do it now, it will only happen if you will not think about what could happen next and just live the moment. It will only happen if you will erase the fear inside of your head that something could go wrong.

If you want to do a lot of things and accomplish a lot of things, you should remind yourself that tomorrow is not guaranteed. It is not about thinking negatively, it is just putting your mind in a position where it must make a decision and move. It is about just giving yourself another perspective so that your fears will go away and you will begin to feel the sense of urgency.

Say I love you now, say sorry now, do it now, pursue your dreams now. It is not about getting it, it is about doing it and living with it. Life is a journey, it may sounds corny, cheesy or this phrase has been used too much but it is true. You know it but you're not living it, do it now, start the journey now.

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