April 08, 2017


Even if a popular person stated a quote about success or something... if it doesn't inspire you, don't believe it, don't ever think about it because it is not helping. Because not all what they say are true, you can test it for yourself. You have a choice whom to believe in, you have a choice to make a decision for yourself.

For example, there is a quote popularized by a well know person that says "repeating the same process over and over again and expecting different results is insanity". This is a premature quote and doesn't apply to everything. If you're a wrestler and you are practicing a technique for a month, of course it may not give you results yet but if you practice the same technique for 2 or three months then you will become better at it, you will forge a different result, you will become a winner.

Repetition is mastery. The more you repeat something, the more you become better at it, the more it will give you bigger results.

Another quote that sounds stupid to me is "you have to help other succeed first so you will become successful too". This is another form of stupidity, how can you become successful if you are not focus on what you are doing? The truth is, you can only help others to succeed if you will become big enough to have the resources for helping others.

Never believe what doesn't inspire you even if it comes from a very successful or well know person, you can have your own path because every path is the right path for as long as you're happy with it. Never be easy to get influenced because you have your own mind, you can think for yourself. So what if you are wrong? you can always have a course correcting anytime you want.

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