April 15, 2017


The reason why you're losing is because you have a lot of option. You give yourself the option that is ok to lose, you give yourself the option to quit everyday. You have a lot of options but those options were outside of winning.

When you get tired you give yourself the option to rest instead of going a little more, you rest then you will never go back fast, you will rest for a long time and when you feel like not going back to what you've started... you will start something else and then you will do the exact same routine.

You also give yourself not to be consistent. You will work on your project when you just feel it, you will never force yourself to take actions everyday which is needed. You're so happy not taking it seriously, you are pretending that it is your main goal but your focus is on pleasures and making yourself comfortable every second.

You have  a lot of options in your life and those options are not forcing you to do what is needed, those options are making you soft, undisciplined and not dedicated. Those options are veering you off from the path that you must take.

What if winning is the only option you set on your mind? what do you think your life will be? what if you quit those options that are making you lazy? Give yourself no choice but to win, give yourself a chance to become the hardest worker in this planet and let the results come in.

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