April 09, 2017


If you really wanted to change, if you want to have a quantum leap and turn things around then you should make a life changing effort. Not just an effort that will make yourself feel good and not guilty because you did something, not a soft effort that will only produce mediocre results, you need to make an effort that will really make an impact to change your life and put you in a better position than yesterday.

It's super hardwork and nothing else other than that. A life changing effort is an effort that will stress you, it is something that will put you on the brink of defeat, it is something that is very scary and almost impossible to execute.

It's about facing the pain, it's about facing the hardship and doing things that you don't want to do. But don't worry because you will like it in the long run especially if you are producing small results every now and then.

The truth is... you know in yourself if your effort is low and weak. You know in yourself if you will get something from what you're doing, you know in yourself if you're going to fail or not. You're just pretending that you're working hard but the truth is you can do better than that. You can take your situation to another level but you're not doing it.

Start now and do something that can change your life, the change may not happen so fast but for sure it will happen. Make a very strong effort, something that will make an impact. An effort that will already change your life by just doing it.

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