April 10, 2017


A lot of you are worrying too much on how to market yourself and become popular. You try a lot of things, you are getting desperate, you even like your own post and status, you are begging for attention a lot that is why you can't make it. If you show people that you are needy of attention then you will not be likable. Because you will look unnatural, you will look like a trying hard and begging for popularity.

All you need to do is become great and people will market you without even asking them. Just become great at something. If people learned that you are great, they will talk about your name, they will tell everyone how good you are, you don't need to market yourself.

They will take pictures of you, they will record you, they will film you and spread your name all over the world... and that is if you are great at something.

So if you are an aspiring artist and you wanted to become popular so you can create money... don't worry if you have few followers. Don't worry if big breaks are not yet coming into your life. Just become great and people will spread your name. If you entertained people and make them salivate by your performance... congratulations, you're on your way to success.

What if you're not that great and you still wanted to market yourself or your product? you still have a chance, you have to use the power of numbers. Perform as much as you can, if you're a singer and your voice is not that good... perform as much as you can. Perform in cheap bars, perform in streets, perform in any occasion. By doing this technique, people will notice you because you're all over the world. And one more thing, your voice will become really good because you're turning into professional little by little. You are becoming great because you are singing as much as you can and your voice is being trained naturally. Your confidence is growing stronger, you are transforming into a great singer. People will market you too naturally, no need to do stupid stuffs that will only embarrass yourself. Use the numbers and greatness to market yourself naturally.

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