April 13, 2017


There are lot of desire in your life that is stopping you. You think that wanting something so bad is good? it is good if there it is not giving you too much pressure, it is good if you still feel good if you didn't get it. But if that desire is controlling your emotions and life, if that desire is the only basis of your happiness then that desire is not healthy, you should let go of that desire before it eats you.

Some people desired to be popular and because they want it so bad... they are doing things that are making them look bad, they are doing things that are outside of their true personality, this kind of way backfires at them. Their desire is stopping them, they let that desire control their head and do stupid things that is only pushing them backwards not forward. They want attention so they create a noise that is not making their marketing value go high. Instead of going up they go down.

If you want to get rich so bad... of course you will do everything to get it. Whether impressing your boss to get promoted or working super hard to make your business more popular. But sometimes, trying so hard is only making your life hard. I am not saying to not work super hard. But if you're working hard and it is making your life miserable... then that desire is stopping you from growing. That desire is the number one reason of your stress. You will get sick, you will get weak, you will get depressed because you can't have it.

The solution for this problem is to let go of that desire. It doesn't mean that you don't want it anymore, the point here is take it easy sometimes. Don't do something because you are forced to do it. Do something because you love it, because it is making you stronger. Don't do something because it is making you weaker because you will quit in the long run. You will be exhausted, you will feel like nothing is happening and you will stop what you're doing.

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