April 28, 2017


It has no difference, being lazy and scared are the same. You don't want to move because you're scared, you don't want to move because you're too lazy, so what is the difference between the two?

A lot of people were making an excuse... they will tell everyone that they can't do it because they were too scared, they don't have the confidence and they were depressed. It is the funniest excuse ever, how can you tell everyone that you are scared and you don't want to move? If you don't want to move then it simply means you are lazy, what is scary about walking and looking for a job? what is scary about moving and doing what is the best thing for your life? what is scary about just simply taking it one step at a time?

If you don't want to move then you should kill yourself because you have no place in this world, you are not contributing something for your family, you're just a mouth that needs to be fed.

Don't ever make an excuse that you're scared of something that is why you don't want to give it a try. You're just lazy, you don't want to move, you don't want to get rejected, you don't want to experience all the process.


1. They don't want to get tired. All they want is easy money, easy work, sure success. They don't even want to pass a resume for work, they don't even want to do the first step. They were scared to do the work.

2. They don't have the habit of starting fast. The more you delay something, the more you will become scared and lazy. You might even want to not start at all. Your mind is full of heaviness, you don't want to confront your responsibilities. You feel like you're going to die the moment you start.

3. They think they deserve more. They think they deserve a special treatment, they think someone has to help them before they start. They think that all people must treat them right and baby them before they start. That is why they are scared once they feel that there is no guiding hand on their side.

4. They want instant rewards. They want to make sure that something good will happen to them before they take actions. If they learned that it is a 50-50 situation then they will just prefer to lie in bed all they long watching the game of bones episode 23.


1. Start fast. Don't think just start, just move, move faster than your brain so your brain will have no time for worries and distractions. Start fast and stay with your task until you finish it.

2. Stop thinking about the results. Thinking about the results will make you scared and lazy. Your brain will worry about "what ifs" Just go with the flow, stay with the process and forget about winning or losing. Moving itself is already a bliss so be happy if you are moving because it means you will get result one day.

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