April 04, 2017


If you're the head of your family then you should know your job, it is to provide for your family and give them their basic needs, as simple as that. There are some fathers that doesn't know what their job is all about. They were bums, they can't provide for their family, all they know is how to have fun and amuse themselves with different vices.

You should know your job if you want to have a good life. You should know your job to keep your job.

If your job is a security guard then you should guard your designated area, you must stay sharp and never let the criminals or bad people enter the gate. You should be aware if there is a danger roaming around because that is what your job is, stop thinking of other things, stay focus on your job while you're still on duty. Because that is the only way to keep your job, take it seriously and never take any second for granted.

If you're a musician, all you have to do is keep playing, keep learning and expressing yourself through music. Stop drinking beers and taking drugs because doing those things is not part of your job. You should focus on music so you will keep growing and improving. You can produce good music if you're not doing anything other than your job. A lot of rockstars wannabe will incorporate drugs, chicks, ruggedness into their music that is why they fail, they forget what their job is all about. They mix it with a lot of stupid stuffs that doesn't even help.

If you know your job and you will take it seriously then you can keep it forever, you will grow with it, become happy with it and it can also give you fortune.

Most of you don't know your job very well, you have a job but you're not doing it, you're taking it for granted that is why you can't keep it. That is why you always look for another job.

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