April 01, 2017


Keep moving, keep looking for what you want and get it. It doesn't matter if it takes longer than expected what matters is you keep looking for a fish and you keep fishing.

It's ok if you can't catch a fish today, for sure you will be able to catch some big fishes tomorrow. What matters is you don't stop and you're not going to stop... ever.

Keep fishing even if it is raining or storming. Fishes still show up during rainy weathers, you can still catch some food regardless of any situation you are in. No excuses bitch, you can't afford to make any excuses especially if you are starving or your family hasn't eat for more than 3 days.

What matters here is not that you were able to catch some fish, what matters is you are catching some fish and you are doing something with your situation. Don't be like others who will just complain and not do something with their lives once they can't feel any hope with their situation.

The more you fish, the more you will have big chances of catching fish. It is just a matter of time before you catch one. Once you catch one, the next fish will come and the next fish will come again. Abundance of fish will come into your life, you just need to keep going, pushing and grinding.

How you feel is not counted, the fishes doesn't care about how you feel. All it cares about is the worm that you put into your fishing rod. So even if you don't feel good, still catch some fish, keep fishing until you feel good.

If you can't catch in this area go to a different area, as simple as that. Travel around the world if you need to but don't ever go back home until you catch some fish.

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