April 13, 2017


If you don't know what to do then just do an ugly step to create a little progress. The reason why you can't begin is you always wanted a perfect execution. You wanted everything to be perfect right away, you are looking for a smooth ride that will never happen. You don't want to make any mistakes and that is the number one reason why you are stuck in a mud and feeling bad for not moving.

Whatever step you can think of... do it, even if it is ugly, even if it looks so funny. Do it, it is like freeing yourself from chains of procrastination. It is like giving yourself a chance to start something and finish something.

Because once you move... even if what you did is wrong, you will able to know what to do next. You will be able to give yourself the right momentum to keep going and finish until the end.

There is nothing wrong in being wrong for as long as your intention is right. It is hard to escape procrastination if you are always looking to feel good before you start. Just start even if the feeling is ugly, just start when things are getting ugly.

Whether it is about calling someone randomly to look for a job, passing an ugly and unprepared resume online. Just walking around and see if there is an opening job, creating an ugly portfolio and exposing it as much as you can. Do an ugly step because you can make it nicer later once you gather an enough momentum. The purpose of this kind of approach is to not make you successful right away but to make you moving right away and put yourself back on track.

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