April 05, 2017


Sometimes you feel like you've been rejected, you feel like you have no chance and that you need to go back home and cry like a little bitch. But you have to try again because sometimes your timing is just wrong.

If you ask a girl about her number and she rejected you, maybe your timing was just off. Maybe you caught here off guard or maybe she was having a bad day or something. Maybe it's her menstrual period, maybe her mother scolded her in the morning or she was really not familiar with that kind of situation. Don't feel bad if you've been rejected, that doesn't mean you're ugly or not deserving. You just need to execute in the perfect timing so you will get better results next time.

If a company rejects your application, it doesn't always mean that you're not qualified, it doesn't mean you're stupid and not capable of doing the job. Maybe they don't have an opening yet, maybe your timing is wrong, maybe they were affected by the economic recession. Just because you've been rejected doesn't mean you're a reject.

Never get too hard on yourself if you've been rejected, it only means that it is not for you. It only means that your timing is not right.

If you've been rejected, it means there is a better opportunity waiting for you. You have to keep your head up and never lose your motivation. The right time will come for you, you will get your glory in the right time. People who rejected you will regret it in the end once they know how good you are. They will beg for you to comeback.

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