April 10, 2017


If you think that you lack something then you will really lack something, you will feel that there is something missing in your life or any situation you are in. But if you think that what you have is enough even if you are lacking something then you will not see what is lacking. You will have a peace of mind, you will feel that everything is fine. 

Most people were so focused on what is missing, they don't know that they are still in full control, they don't know that they can do something about it only if they will think right and positive. Miracles doesn't happen because of power or magic, it happens because of belief. 

Just believe that a worse situation will soon turn into a better situation. And it really does, just wait, don't panic and give your best and soon you will see that you're in control. You will learn that your victory is still in your hands no matter what. You will learn that there is a comfort behind discomfort, there is a sunshine behind the storm, there is a hope in times of despair, all you have to do is don't judge by appearances. Any negative situation will be good in just a matter of time. 

Just choose to think positive, choose to think that everything happens for a reason and you can always do something about it. Always think that you have the advantage if you will not believe that you are in a bad spot.

Don't believe that you are being punished if nothing is working for you. Don't believe that your opponent is stronger than you even if you're the underdog. Don't believe that it is the end of your campaign even if the time already ran out. Don't judge everything by its appearance, always remember that your reality is how you feel towards something. 

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