April 10, 2017


Pursuing great things and big dreams is not that difficult, it is only a lot of work. It only becomes difficult because you don't want to work a lot, you don't want to get frustrated a lot, you give up easily and you are complaining like a bitch. If you will just accept that it's a million steps to get there then you will take it. A lot of people doesn't want to take a million steps to get what they want that is why they quit easily. They will just take a few hundred steps and when they can't see anything... they will give up without giving themselves another chance, they are the one who is killing their own dreams.

Start working now and work forever, work relentlessly to achieve your dreams. Don't look at how far you've come, just keep working and keep taking one step at a time. It's only a lot of work and concentration, it's nothing more than that. If you are willing to work forever then you already succeeded, very simple and straight forward.

If you need to work a million hours to become a millionaire then do it, time will pass, your time will come, it's only a lot of work, it is possible.

If you need to practice a lot of months or years to become the best in your field then do it, it is not difficult if you will learn how to enjoy the process. It's not difficult, it's only a lot of work.

You will just move your hands and feet, think a little bit, make a little strategy and that's it. What is difficult about that? Don't ever think that it is difficult, think that it's only a lot of work. When I say a lot of work, it means consistent work, you need to show up everyday and do your thing. Just learn how to discipline yourself and you will get anything you want.

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