April 14, 2017


A lot of people nowadays were big time excuse makers, they whine like a bitch that was entitled to get everything in life and if they don't get it... they freak out.

If you have an irresponsible parents and they can't give you what you need, you don't need to blame them. It is still your life, you can still make decisions, you can still improve your life if you will take your actions. Your parents is all you have, you have no other parents so why blame them? if they can't help you in some ways, I am sure they can help you in some other ways. But if they are really punishing you for no reason and not treating you like their own child... then leave, enough of the blaming, enough of the finger pointing... just leave and make your own destiny without them.

Yeah, maybe they are wrong, maybe they are the reason why you are suffering but if you will keep on thinking that way then you will not be able to change your life, you don't need to change your parents, you need to change your perspective. Even if you have a very good parents, if you will not take actions then your life will still be miserable. You can move, you can always do what you want so enough of the blaming and start moving.

If there is a big traffic problem in your country... don't blame it for your miserable life, don't blame traffic as the reason for not being happy. It is your life, you can do something about it. It is either you accept traffic as it is and learn to manipulate your emotions towards it and change your perspective towards it or complain about it everyday and make live even harder for you. The choice is still yours. And one more thing, you can even adjust your life to traffic, you can make the necessary adjustments to lessen the pain that the traffic does. Don't blame your country because it is the only country you have, if you don't like what is going on then LEAVE, as simple as that. But if you don't wanna leave then start changing your attitude.

Stop making inexcusable excuses that are only making you look like a fool. The truth is... you can always do something about your situation if you will only make an effort. You can always do something with what you have and use it to make your life better.

If you have weak teammates that you think is the reason for losing... don't blame them. They are all you have so why blame them? why blame something that can also be the reason of your success. Have you look at yourself and assess yourself if you're really strong? did you do everything you can to win so you already have the right to blame anyone?

Everything you have, appreciate it if you can because it's all you got, if you can't then don't blame it because it will be the reason for not taking chances, it will be the reason for always thinking negatively.

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