April 01, 2017


It will only work if you're making it work. The reason why it is not working is because you are not making it move, you are satisfied with stagnancy. You are not using your will and power that is why you can't see any progress.

If your business is going down, it only means that it is not moving. It only means you are not making it work. You have to check some areas in your business that is not working, maybe you have a worker that is lazy or maybe you are mismanaging your workers. Make a move, talk to your workers, make them work. You need to make something moving to produce results.

Because sometimes you think you are working but you're not. Your effort is not enough, you need to put in real hardwork to make something work. So stop being soft and give your 100 percent effort.

If something is not working it means something is missing, you need to find the missing link, you need to find the weakest link and give it a remedy.

And one more thing, don't pretend that you are working on it, don't pretend that you are giving your best because if you are really giving your best then something will happen, something will work for you. You can find results if you want it bad enough.

If there is no resistance then it means you are putting a mediocre effort, you need to feel a little bit stressed, you need to feel a little bit challenged so you can grow and see what is possible.

So stop fooling yourself that you are working, man up and do the right thing. Do it now, start now, put in some real hardwork out there. It is time to make a change, make it happen.

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