April 11, 2017


It is easier to look for another job with greater pay if you have savings in your bank account that will enable you to survive for at least 5 months. A savings that will compensate all of your bills, food budget, emergency budget etc. It is easier to take risk if something will catch you.

It is easier to jump to another ship if you know that you will not get drowned once you accidentally create a mistake in the process of jumping. It is easier to take risk if you have plan B, if you have something that will catch you once everything doesn't turn out well.

If you are planning to build a business, make sure not all of your money will go there, make sure you still have some money left to use once your business didn't click.

Because it is easier to become successful if you are not worried, it is easier to make decisions and make risky moves if you know that your lifestyle is not in danger.

Whatever plans you have in mind, whatever risk you are trying to try... make sure there is something left for you to use once you didn't succeed. Make sure your family is secured so it will not be difficult for you to make a comeback once you fail.

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