April 01, 2017


Some people will only change if they were already in a deep hole and they are drowning. Which makes it more difficult to change.

Some people will only exercise if they found out that they have a disease or they badly needed it because they were too fat. The result is... they are having a hard time to change because they don't have the habits to do it. They can't run, they can't even walk or make a little sweat, they feel like they are dying once they make a move. It is simply because their mind and body was not conditioned to move, they were not familiar in moving and taking actions that is why they are all fucked up.

The best thing to do is practice yourself to move a little everyday until the habits of doing a real exercise is already there. Just walk bit by bit, face the pain of moving. Don't worry if you're making a progress or not, what matters is you are moving and you're on the right track.

Some people will only change their spending habits once they found out that they were already broke and there is no more money on their bank account. It is very hard to change in a situation like this because you have a lot of debts, banks are calling you, your friends are calling you to get their money back. You are panicking and you can't focus on turning things around. It feels like something is strangling you and you can't even breathe.

So while it is still early and you're not in big debts yet... change. Stop being arrogant and never spend your money for useless things. Be humble, simple and smart in spending your money. Save as much as you can. You don't need to get your wallet empty before you make a change. Change now and be smart with your money or else... people will not treat you right. They will treat you like a bitch if you can't pay them. They will say every hurtful words to you just to make you pay. Do you like that?

It is easier to change while you can still breathe, while you are still flexible and have means to support your needs.

It is easier to change while you are still healthy and have more energy to move. Don't wait before it's too late before you move. Make the change now and live a better life.

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