April 11, 2017


It all start in one, everything starts in one, all you have to do is do one and everything else will follow. Start in doing one and do the other ones.

Just one minute of running, do it and you will see that you can raise it to 5 or ten more minutes. It is unbelievable because you can't even start earlier this morning, you don't even want to run, you're so lazy and you feel that you can't even move. But once you start in one minute, once you jog for one minute.. you become unstoppable, you become motivated and you feel like you want more. You feel very strong and you are not satisfied with doing just one, you want another one and another.

Just one movement, just one step, just one word, just anything one. You can finish until the end once you do one.

If you feel so heavy, just do one and the rest will follow, the rest will be very easy to do. The rest is just like another one, just like the first one, nothing is different, nothing is complicated.

If you got rejected by a company, just try applying for another one and another and another. The ones will never ran out, there is always another one waiting for you. One is better than zero. You have to take that once chance that you are seeing at the moment. There is always one, you can never be zero.

There is always a next one, so don't worry if you didn't get the present one, there is always that one thing that is reserved for you...that is only for you.

Just try it once then try again and try again until you reach the last one, the last one that could be the one.

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