April 12, 2017


If the rules is stopping you, if the rules is making you unsuccessful or it is not helping you in a way then forget the rules and make your own rules. Even if you're not a lawmaker, you can create your own rules if you are confident enough and you decided that you will follow it and use it until the end of time.

Sometimes, forgetting the real rules will give you a way, you will become more creative in a different way, you will know more of yourself and you will see a path that other people are afraid to take because they thought that it is risky and it will give them pain in the end.

But you will never know unless you try, sometimes the rules you created is the right rules, it is giving more benefits to other people and also to yourself. Sometimes you have to disobey the rules of the mainstream so you can create success in your own way. There is nothing wrong with creating your own rules for as long as it gives you the life that you are dreaming of.

Sometimes the mainstream rules is very dramatic, unfair, one sided and will not help you at all. So the best thing to do is to create your own rules and be successful with it.

Creating your own rules will make you confident, independent and intelligent. Intelligent in a way that you believe your own beliefs and implement it all the way.

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