April 27, 2017


Having the ability to move and take actions is one of the greatest gift that anyone can have, yet a lot of people take it for granted, a lot of people were so scared to move and take actions. They were so afraid of getting tired. What is wrong with being tired? there is nothing wrong with it. Be happy if you are tired because it means you are working hard, it means you are producing results. It means you are doing something for your life and you're not like anybody else who just bum around and do nothing. It means your life has a meaning and it has a direction.

A lot of people were so skilled, talented, strong, smart but they can't even move because they don't have the habits of moving. They procrastinate a lot, they waste their time and when the time comes that they were too old and can't do anything... that is the time when they will feel regrets, they will feel that they only wasted their lives. They wanted to take actions but it is too late now, they were rusty and weak, they can't even think the right way. They can't even make baby steps, they were completely immobilized, they're just waiting for their death.

What you need to do if you're completely lost in life is just be happy moving. Be happy if you can take actions especially if your actions were all positive. A positive action will take you to a right direction. You don't need to worry anymore, you don't need to be scared. If you're happy moving then you can do everything.

If you don't have the job, just be happy applying for a job, be happy walking door to door, block to block, office to office... looking for a job. And that's it, your problem is already solved. You're on the right path so the job will come to you soon, it may not come now but for sure it is on its way. You will have a job tomorrow or next week or next month, but make sure that you are moving everyday because it is the only best thing to do.

If you have a problem... just simply run, be happy running or walking, be happy moving your body. Your problem will not go away but for sure you will feel better, you will feel lighter, your mind will think clearly. Exercise is the best medication so don't hesitate to move, it will give you good emotions that will put you on the right path to freedom. Just be happy moving and everything will be alright.

Always be happy moving even if the results were not showing... yet. If you are moving now, it means something good will happen to you tomorrow or next day, a good direction will be revealed, you will have a better life and of course you will feel better because you have a momentum.

Don't be scared to move, don't be scared to get tired. If you need to do something... do it right away. Don't wait for tomorrow or next day, just move now and problem is already solved. Movement will give you security, it will give you clues. Choose action over stagnation, never stay in one place, never get stuck in a mud thinking or waiting for something to happen. You will only make things happen if you are moving.

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