April 19, 2017


Sometimes you think that you already gave your best, sometimes you think that what you did is all you got. You don't know that you have a lot of hidden strength in your body, your strength is unlimited. Even your mental power... it is unlimited, but you can only discover your hidden strength if you are willing to push yourself to the limits.

If you're not pushing yourself it means you're not using your strength, you are being lazy because you don't want to get uncomfortable. But guess what? successful people are not genius, smart or even talented. They are just willing to push despite of discomfort. They are willing to push the envelope and discover what hasn't been seen yet. They are using all of their strength to point where they were so exhausted and they almost died. The near to death experience is what will make you grow, it will make you know who you are. That insane focus and determination will give you accomplishments that you haven't experience from the past.


1. Take it slow. Pushing yourself doesn't mean you will go all out and berserk like a wild dog that is out of your mind. Just take your time, if you will rush and use all of your energy then you will likely fail because you will be out of tuned, your timing will be off and you will get frustrated easily. Take it slow, little by little, stay out of your comfort zone slowly. If you feel tired then you should set a good pacing. Pushing yourself means you are still moving despite of being tired, it doesn't mean you have to act like crazy and use all of your energy in a one big blow. You can push yourself while being slow, it is just a matter of moving despite of tiring.

2. Relax while pushing. Calm your mind, breathe deeply and slowly. Take a consistent action, once you find yourself stopping then that is the time that you should move. Be aware if you are getting lazy, you should be in a steady and constant motion. Don't hurry because your main goal is to keep moving and not to be the fastest to accomplish something. Just relax because everything is alright, you already have the momentum on your side, you're already winning.

3. Focus on what you are doing. Never try to escape the situation because that kind of approach will make you quit. Always be in the moment. What you're doing should be the only thing that you're thinking. Never look outside, always look on the inside. Never think about the other things, never think about doing some other things. Just focus on one task at a time. Discipline yourself to finish what you're doing at the moment.

4. If you are getting tired then slow the pace even more but don't stop. Just remember that it is ok to slow down but don't ever stop. Keep getting slower and slower if you are getting tired, you will find that energy again, your strength will come back in just a matter of time so don't worry.

5. Always think positively. Never think about quitting, never think about losing. Find ways how to motivate yourself while you're doing something. Think about your favorite quotes, movies of motivation, inspirational stories. Entertain the thoughts that will give you a little boost of energy.

6. Be in an auto pilot mode if you can. It is like turning into a robot that is programmed to do something. You just do it no matter what, you do it even if you make mistakes, you do it even if you think that you are wrong. Turn into this mode so you will keep taking actions. Just move, move and move... there is no other way around.

7. Think of the things that you will get after succeeding. Think of the comfort that you will get, the money that you will get, the things that you will get after succeeding. Think about all the things that you want so you will become motivated even more. Think about the beauty of life and the better life that is waiting for you once you succeed.


When you're already dead... that is the time for quitting. You can't quit now, you can't quit tomorrow. You can only quit once you're dead and you can't move anymore. If your sanity is still fine and you can still move all of the parts of your body... you can never quit. A lot of people quit when they're almost there, they stop when it hurts so much. What they don't know is that when it hurts so badly then it means you are very near. When it looks so impossible, it means you're at the final stage. So never give up because once you think about quitting... it means you're already winning.

You can rest for a while but never quit, ever. Once you regain some energy... go back to work and do something to win. Do everything you can, you can always do something, push and push and push. Never pull back, never think about starting some other things. It is a do or die situation, it will never be over until you succeed.


When it's comfortable it means you need to put yourself into something uncomfortable, you need to do some things that will challenge you. Comfort means stagnancy, discomfort means evolution and growth. Avoid comfort so you will always grow and win. Always look for the thing that scares you, it is the path to success. Comfort are for pussies, comfort are for people who always fail because they are not willing to push themselves.

Pushing yourself is the only way to know more about yourself and discover what you are capable of achieving. It is the only way to achieve extraordinary success. Push yourself while you can, if you are not pushing yourself it means you are not using you strength.

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