April 10, 2017


Someone can control you or make you suffer without him doing anything with you. It is simply because you think about him everyday, you think about beating him, humiliating him and proving him that you are the better person. The result is... you are the one who gets burned, you are the one who is suffering, you are the one who is losing. Even if you deny it... you are the one who is feeling bad so that person is controlling you without doing anything, he has the power over you.

It is simply because all of your actions were based on his life. You want him to react with what you are doing. You want to impress him, you want to catch his attention. You are not being yourself anymore, you are so interested with him to the point where he is already the master of your life. He is controlling you effortlessly, he doesn't even know that he is controlling you, the sad thing is you don't know it too, it just happens naturally. Everytime you think about him, he is already winning. Your mood is getting ugly, you are feeling bad, you want to make a revenge but you can't do it. You become the prison of your own thinking.

If you want to someone to lose the power over you... simply ignore him, ignore him and you already won. Ignore him even if he is winning, Ignore him even if he is failing. be totally not interested with his life so he cannot manipulate your emotions. Just focus on your thing and you're already winning.

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